Monday, August 10, 2015

Jeremiah + Angela {Wedding: Part 2}

Jeremiah and Angela's wedding ceremony, was a beautiful full catholic mass.  I love the light streaming in from behind her as her father walked her down the aisle.  She looks simply radiant!

The vows and exchange of rings were filled with loving looks between Jeremiah and Angela.  You could feel the love they shared.  Simply wonderful!

As they were announced to the congregation, the father forgot to announce that Jeremiah may kiss his bride, so after a moment's pause they went for it.  The big smile on Father's face as he shared in their joy and celebration was great! 

I love the streamers they had their guests use as they exited.  Such a fun twist on the traditional birdseed or bubbles. 

Once they were ready to leave the church, they all climbed into the limo to head over to the Dew Drop Inn to relax and enjoy a few drinks.

I loved the light coming in from the doorway on the side of the building and thought the row of vinyl record cases was fun, so I took a few portraits of Angela and Jeremiah.  Gorgeous!

The rest of the bridal party had some fun with portraits in the Dew Drop Inn as well.  The bridesmaids had fun bellying up to the bar for the shot above and "drinking the guys under the table" for the image below.

Their reception was held at the Fairfield Best Western and coordinated by Ladybug Designs in Waterloo, Iowa.  They did a great job with the black and white decor.  I love the white lilies on Angela and Jeremiah's chargers.  Stunning!

After they were announced into the reception, Jeremiah and Angela shared their first dance.  It was filled with happy smiles, kisses, and loving looks. 

Their cake was a gorgeous five tier creation on a silver stand.  It was simple and elegant. 

Seriously, how cute are these personalized cocktail napkins.  Love, love, love!

The parent dances were filled more laughter and few happy tears.  Maybe it's because I have little girls, but father daughter dances always speak to my heart.

As the sun was setting, we headed outside of the Best Western.  To the west of the building, were a few trees that blocked the other building from view and created a soft, beautiful backdrop for portraits.

I love this series of them interacting.  These are my favorite wedding day moments to capture.  I enjoy my time spent with the couple alone, away from the hustle and bustle of the day.  These moments are quite and quite often the couple will forget I'm there.  I capture them as they talk, laugh, cuddle, and kiss.  It is perfect.

Congratulations to Jeremiah and Angela!  Best wishes to you both and thank you for allowing Geno Photography to be a part of your gorgeous day!  Also, thank you to Michael Weber for assisting me in capturing this lovely wedding.

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