Friday, August 21, 2015

Riley + Erin {Wedding: Part 1}

At the beginning of August, I headed to the Iowa Memorial Union in downtown Iowa City to capture the wedding of Riley and Erin.  The weather was hot, but it was a gorgeous day.

We begin on the steps of the IMU as Riley and Erin shared their first look.  The natural light from the windows was perfect.  I love Erin's dress, so classic and stunning.  The lace deatils on the satin sheath dress were gorgeous, and the deep back and lace cap sleeves framed her long flowing hair wonderfully.  Love it!  Riley was looking pretty sharp himself, too.

 Their ceremony was held in Danforth Chapel, just outside of the IMU.  It is a small venue, but was filled with beautiful natural light, and more importantly, close friends and family.  Just before they walked down the aisle, Erin's father turned to her to ask if she was ready.  She of course, said "Yes!" and he jokingly said, "No."  They both had a nice laugh.  As Erin's dad walked her down the aisle, you could see the tears in his eyes.  It was a beautiful moment.

After the ceremony, we took the family portraits in the chapel before heading out to walk around downtown Iowa City.  I love how bright Danforth Chapel is; clean, crisp bright walls and windows all along the sides. 

 Our first stop was the row house (or at least I believe that's what it's called).  Love this building!  Unfortunately though, the metal was reflecting a lot of the heat of the day, so it was quite warm.  We didn't spend a whole lot of time there before heading to the Old Capitol and Ped Mall.

 The Old Capitol is an iconic location for Iowa City.  Many of the weddings I've photographed in the past have stopped there for portraits.  I love the landings on the terraces at the front of the Old Capitol.  So pretty and they offer great shade in the mid-day sun.

Our last stop downtown was the walkway next to the Sheraton.  I love how they have renovated this spot.  Years ago, it was a rather run down little walkway, but now it is stunning with a glass roof and lit wicker balls along the roof.

Stop back soon for the rest of Riley and Erin's beautiful wedding day!


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