Monday, August 31, 2015

My Girls

While taking portraits in Lincoln's Sunken Gardens for my brother's family, I couldn't resist capturing my own two adorable girlies while I was there.  It was a warm evening, but my girls were ready to ham it up for the camera (which is so unusual!).  I was so happy they willingly cooperated.

 L's hair was inspired by a Pinterest pin I'd saved a while back but couldn't ever get to work with my hair because it's so fine.  She has luscious, think locks and it looked beautiful in the braided bun.  LOVE IT!  G was less enthused about getting her hair done and insisted on only a little braid.  She's like me and has super fine, kind of wild hair.  I think she looks adorable with hair down too.

Loved this location.  So many beautiful colors and little nooks for portraits.  We got a few pics of the cousins together during the evening as well.  I know of a couple grandparents who will be very happy to have a copy of the three little cuties. 

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