Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jeremiah + Angela {Wedding: Part 1}

We began our day with Angela and Jeremiah as they got ready at the Best Western in Fairfield.  As Angela relaxed with her bridesmaids, I was able to capture some beautiful details of her dress, shoes and jewelry.  I love details.  Each couple spends so much time planning out the details of their wedding day, I feel it's important to capture them.

Angela wore, as her something old, her grandmother's engagement ring.  The moment her mother helped her put on the ring was beautiful and emotional for both Angela and her mother. 

Once Angela and Jeremiah were ready for the day, they shared their first look.  The we headed to a local park for a few formal portraits of family and bridal party.  The weather was overcast and threatening rain.  It was also hot and muggy.  Thankfully, Angela came equipped with portable fans to help keep her cool in the July heat.

After the park, we headed to the church to finish our formal portrait session.  I love the stained glass at the front of the church.  It made for a beautiful backdrop for portraits.

We had some fun with the bridal party portraits.  I think all the ladies were very glad to kick off their heels for a few.  Such a fun shot! 

The ring bearer was all personality.  The series of shots with him in front of the guys was great!  To make it even better, we were doing portraits of both families and the bridal party all together and I was about 6 shots into it (I take multiple in case people are talking/blinking/not paying attention), he piped up with "Wait? I wasn't ready for the picture."  Which set everyone to laughing. 

The church was gorgeous.  I love, love, love the doors to the sanctuary.  The natural light coming in from windows at the entrance to the church was perfect.

Check back again soon for more from Jeremiah and Angela's beautiful wedding day!

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