Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of photographing the team at Precision Structures Inc, also know as PSI.  I love the big group portrait with their office and trucks in the background.

For the group shot, I got to ride on a platform, lifted by a forklift for the first time.  Good thing I'm not afraid of heights!  It was early morning during the session, not too long after sunrise, and let me tell you, who needs coffee when you're on a 4x4 platform 10 feet off the ground.  It was a fun experience.

After the large group, we took a few of the teams' portraits before they headed off to work on their building projects around the area.

We took some head shots of the staff, then I headed into the office to get lifestyle portraits of the crew at work.  It was interesting to see the blueprints and learn more about the buildings they create.

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