Friday, November 27, 2015

Corey + Teressa {Wedding: Part 3}

After sunset, we headed back into the reception and continued with the festivities of the evening.  Corey and Teressa cut their cake, then guests dove into the amazing delicious Molly's cupcakes.  I have to say the chocolate was phenomenal (did I ever mention how much I love cupcakes?!).

Corey and Teressa's ceremony and dinner was attended by close friends and family.  Later in the evening, more guests began to arrive to join in the dance and celebrate with the happy couple.  As they were arriving, Corey and Teressa played the shoe game.  While they may not have always agreed on the answer to the questions, many laughs and good times were had by all.

Corey and Teressa's first dance was beautifully lit by the DJ lights.   During their dance, they began dancing like middle schoolers, at arm's length from each other.  Too funny!  They ended the dance with a beautiful dip.  I love when couples do that!

Teressa's dance with her father was so much fun to watch.  Instead of a traditional slow dance, they danced to an upbeat song and really had fun with it.

Corey's dance with his mother was lovely as well.  You can see the happiness on their faces as they danced.  This wedding was amazingly beautiful, beyond the colors, dresses, decorations, flowers, etc.  The love and happiness that was apparent on everyone's faces made this wedding one of the most beautiful I've had the pleasure to capture.

After the dances, The bridal party went head to head (the guys vs. the girls) in an epic lip sync battle.  Now, when Corey and Teressa first told me there was going to be a lip sync battle, I had no idea what to expect.  Were they just going to lip sync songs back and forth?  Once it started, I was blown away.  Both groups had a great mashup of songs.  To make it even more spectacular they both choreographed dances.  It was amazing!

Once the lip sync battle was done, (the girls won, by the way) the dance began.  Corey's dad is a guitarist in a band and his band played live music for the dance.  It was great!  The dance floor way hopping!

Before we left for the night, we stole away outside with Corey and Teressa one last time for some after dark portraits.  I love, love, love how they turned out.

Congratulations again to Corey and Teressa!  Thank you so much for having Summer and I as a part of your beautiful wedding day.  We had a wonderful time capturing it!

Thank you to Summer Schrock for assisting me in capturing this wonderful event!

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