Monday, November 23, 2015

Lee + Julie {Wedding: Part 2}

After the grand exit from the church, we headed to the Old Capitol, just a block over from the Newman Catholic Student Center.  It was great to have some more time to photograph Julie and Lee.  Their bridal party waited on the bus, while we got some great portraits around the Old Capitol and the other gorgeous buildings close by.

We had a little extra time once we arrive at the reception hall.  The Holiday Inn had an event earlier that day and was working on flipping the room to have it ready for Lee and Julie's reception.  By the way, the Holiday Inn did a phenomenal job flipping everything and the reception looked amazing.

During the downtime, I had the opportunity to photograph their invitations.  I love how their book theme carried through from start (invitations) to end (all of the beautiful book decor in their reception).  Julie's love for literature is a big part of her life and it was lovely to see it carried throughout the wedding day.

As I had mentioned before, Julie's bouquet was a replica of the bouquet on the front of the card Lee had given her when he proposed.  In addition to it's beautiful significance, I loved the angel necklace that had once belonged to Julie's mother.  I adore the image of it on the white rose in her bouquet.

I love, love, love Julie's ring.  My own wedding band has a sapphire, and I just think they are beautiful.  Her's has a gorgeous vintage vibe to it as well.

Lee and Julie did not light a unity candle during their ceremony.  Instead, they chose to light it at the start of their reception.  I love the remodeling the Holiday Inn has recently completed.  The wall behind the head table is stunning and made even more so by the beautiful up-lighting they tied into Lee and Julie's wedding colors.

The toast given by the best man was wonderful, full of humor and love for the couple.

Before the first dance began, Julie and Lee took a few moments to say a few words to each other.  You could see the joy and adoration on their faces.

I think the best part of the first dance was the beaming smile Julie had on her face.  Pure happiness.  There is truly nothing more special.

Congratulations to Lee and Julie!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your stunning day.  Also, thank you to Michael Weber for assisting me in capturing this beautiful event.

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