Monday, November 9, 2015

Lee + Julie {Wedding: Part 1}

At the beginning of October, I headed to the Newman Catholic Student Center, to capture Julie and Lee's wedding day.  We began the day with their first look.  You could see the joy radiating from Julie as she walked up to tap Lee on the shoulder.

 The formal portraits in the church were a lot of fun.  Julie and Lee are surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family members.  The flower girls and ring bearer were too cute!  The littlest was not so interested in joining the portraits, but after some fun letting her trigger my flashes and look through the camera she was completely on board.  After she was done with portraits, she decided to play photographer with her mom's cell phone.  It was adorable!

Julie bouquet was significant, not only because it beautifully played to the wedding colors, but was a stunning recreation of the bouquet on the card Lee used to propose to her.  Such and amazing and personal detail to add to the wedding.  The florist did a beautiful job realizing the design.  It was perfect!

On Julie's bouquet was an angel necklace that had been her mother's.  Her mother passed years ago, and Julie held the necklace in her bouquet as a beautiful way to honor her memory.


Another way to honor the memory of their parents was the white roses that lay on their seats in the church.  So simple, elegant, and touching.  A wonderful way to honor them.

Their service was officiated not only by the Catholic priest, but also by a friend of Julie's who is a minister.  The homily, given by Julie's friend, was beautiful and spoke to Julie and Lee's beginnings.  She spoke about her encouragement for Julie to join when Julie had decided to give up on finding true love.  It was on that Julie found Lee, who was very persistent despite Julie's initial dismissals.  It was a great thing that Julie took her friend's advice and that Lee was so persistent.  They compliment each other so well and it truly was a match that was meant to be.

Check back again soon for more from Lee and Julie's wedding day!

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