Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jillian {Modeled Bridal Session}

I love the golden hour of the day.  During this modeled session with Jillian, it added to her glow and radiance.  I am in absolute love with how this session went.  For years, I have gone to visit a dear friend in the town of Clermont.  Clermont is a very small town and most people would not think of it as an amazing location for portraits, but I was drawn to shoot there.  Thankfully, Jillian was up for indulging my itch to photograph a bridal session there.

I was first drawn to the side of a large stone church along the main street.  The architecture was simple but beautiful and it was covered with ivy.  It was such a beautiful location and Jillian looked amazing there.  We stopped by the Clermont downtown area, a mere block or so down from the church and came across this small alley.  One side was a light brick building, the other was the bold red corrugated metal wall.  I think my favorite image of the evening is the one posted above.  The light of the setting sun was peeking down the alley, giving a gorgeous rim light to her hair.  The red of the wall brought out the beautiful pinks in her complexion and her blue eyes were stunning.

Next we stopped by a small park and caught the evening light as it poured though the trees.  It was so warm and beautiful.  Jillian looked radiant with the sun at her back, captured in it's glow.  Have I mentioned I love sunsets?  This my friends is why I love photographing during the golden hour of the day:  beautiful, soft natural light even on the sunniest of days and such a magical glow.

Our final stop was a red wooden building.  I'm not sure what it is exactly used for, but it is such an interesting location.  No two doors on it were exactly the same.  When we arrived the last light of evening was falling upon the main face of the building.  I love the poses of Jillian in the doorway.  Again, the reds in the building were an excellent backdrop for her.  

This session was so much fun.  I often get asked if I photograph anything in my free time, when I'm not doing paid sessions.  My answer:  Yes!  I love it.  I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.  

Thank you to Jillian for being willing to go along with my vision and being such a gorgeous model!  It was so much fun!

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