Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Girls {Moments Together}

I am thankful my children don't run and hide whenever a camera is picked up.  They have each spent a lot of time in front of a camera since before they were born.  There are definitely days when I get the, "seriously, Mom? I have to smile for this?"  But, on the whole they embrace it.  In fact, today they requested their photos be taken.  How could I deny these sweet faces?

Now, big sister, Laurelin, isn't always a big fan of matching outfits.  Sadly, I think the days where I could dress them alike are soon to be a distant memory (I have to say that matching/coordinating outfits are not only cute, but they also make them a lot easier to spot in a crowded play area).  Little sister, Gabby, on the other hand is over the moon whenever she gets to dress like her big sister, so their outfits today thrilled her.  I love these dresses, such a beautiful shade of cobalt blue.  The girls were excited to get their hair all done up for the photos as well.  They may be rough and tumble a lot of the time, but in their hearts they are girly-girls.  They love shoes (they adore Grandma for feeding their shoe addiction), they love dresses (though often they come back in from playing in the yard coated in mud), they adore having their nails painted, and are quite the little fashionistas already.

I am so glad that I have these moments captured to look back on as the years go by.  My girls will never be as little as they are today.  They are growing so quickly it simply blows my mind.  Our home is filled with large prints and canvases of so many special moments in their lives and the life of our family.  I truly treasure them.  I'm sure there will come a day when my girls say, "Mom, enough.  Put down the camera."  (Though admittedly, it's not likely I'll give in to their request.)  Until then, I am loving the moments we are able to capture and spend together.


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