Friday, June 28, 2013

Landon {Newborn}

I love photographing newborns.  It always amazes me how tiny newborns are.  I've had two children myself, both of which were in the seven pound range, so I know newborns are tiny little peanuts, but there is something in me that is always in awe of just how small they are.  It is amazing.  

Landon was not a big fan of having his pictures taken.  The key to newborn photography is patience,  he was fighting sleep and thankfully after some quiet rocking I was able to get him to drift off.  He looked so peaceful and content in the cocoons we used for the session.  I swear, I could watch a sleeping baby for hours (and have before!).  

A big thank you to Landon's parents for inviting me to capture such a sweet moment in time for their little guy!

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