Sunday, June 23, 2013

Carter & Adria

 Recently, I met up in Iowa City with the adorable duo that is Carter and his little sis, Adria.  Seriously, these to are the definition of cute.  Our location of choice for the evening was the Iowa City Dog Park.  Sounds a little odd I'm sure, but the grassy field next to the dog park is a location I adore, beautiful tall grasses mixed with wildflowers, love it!  

We shot during the golden hour of the day, an hour before sunset.  The lighting during this time of day is truly ideal, a nice soft glow.  Despite being right around their bedtime, these two did fabulous.  I could not have asked for better from them. 

To add to the fun, they brought along their three month old husky puppy, Oakley.  He wasn't too interested in posing for portraits, but we were able to get a few.  He is a gorgeous dog with lots of energy.  Huskies hold a special place in my heart, growing up with them as our family dogs.

I look forward to photographing this adorable duo again.  I have many clients whose children I have been photographing since they were babies, and it always amazes me how much they grow.  I think that is one of the most special aspects of my job.  Not only to capture these special moments in their lives, but also to have the privilege of watching them grow.

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