Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garrett {18 Months}

Garrett and his big brother, Tanner, came into the studio recently for Garrett's 18 month session.  He was not at all interested in smiling for the camera or sitting still until I pulled out our little rocking chair.  He loved it as you can tell from his big smile in the picture above!  Too adorable! 

Once he warmed up to the camera he had a lot of fun getting his portraits taken.  We ended the session with a little "art" project for Garrett and Tanner to work on together.  Garrett dove right in and loved squishing the paint (and painting on his belly instead of the paper).  Tanner wasn't such a fan of getting messy, but had fun painting with his fave color, blue. 

These two are another of the cute kiddos I've had the pleasure of watching grow.  I've been photographing Tanner since he was 6 months old and Garrett since before he was born.  Seriously, I love my job.  How could you not enjoy spending time with these little cuties?  :)

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