Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ryan + MItzi {Engaged}

It was a windy day at Lake MacBride when I met with Ryan and Mitzi for their engagement session.  Early March is not known for its calm weather.  Thankfully, the rain in the forecast stayed away and the temperature was a fair bit above freezing.  The clouds lent themselves to some gorgeous even lighting for Ryan and Mitzi's session.
We began the session on the spillway between Lake MacBride and the Coralville Reservoir.  I really love this location.  The water fall though the rocks is a beautiful background.  Ryan and Mitzi loved the location as well.  They often spend time in the Lake MacBride area, so it was the perfect location for them.

Mitzi works for Integrated DNA Technologies in Coralville and Ryan serves as police officer for Iowa City.  Ryan was not too forthcoming with smiles, but we managed to get him to laugh for a few.

Ryan brought his motorcycle for the session.  In warmer months, when they are not hiking around the Lake MacBride area, they spend time on their motorcycle.

It was a pleasure working with Ryan and Mitzi.  I look forward to capturing their wedding at the Reiman Gardens in Ames at the end of next month!

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