Friday, March 18, 2016

Joanna + Jordan {Wedding: Part 2}

For their grand entrance, not only were the wedding party announce, but so were Joanna's parents and Jordan's parents.  It was so much fun to see the joy on their faces as they made their way into the reception hall.

Once they were all seated, the toasts began.  Joanna's matron of honor gave a beautiful, heartfelt speech filled with happy memories and love.

Their best man's speech was simple and concise, though equally as heartfelt.  Seriously, the room was filled with love, joy, and support for Joanna and Jordan.  It was beautiful.

At the end of the speeches, impromptu, the guests began to sing a Polish song in celebration of the couple.  I'm not sure what the words were, but I could tell the song was full of celebration and joy.

While dinner was served, we stepped out of the reception hall and captured detail shots of Joanna's flowers and their rings.  I love the texture on the mirror in the hallway!

Each time a guest began "tinking" their glass to call for the couple to kiss (which happened a lot during Joanna and Jordan's reception), the couple challenged the guests to answer trivial about them, their relationship, or gave them challenges to complete before they would kiss.  Their guests loved the game and I'm not sure if it encouraged them to call for the happy couple to kiss more, but it certainly didn't deter them.

It was fun getting to know more about Jordan and Joanna.  Prior to their wedding, I had not had the pleasure of meeting them in person.

As they danced their first dance as husband and wife, Jordan and Joanna sang to each other, laughed, and were completely in the moment.  Simply beautiful.

After main events on the dance floor, we stole away from the reception for a few minutes to capture some portraits of the happy couple.

Did I mention how much I loved working at Hotel Blackhawk?  It was a gorgeous location, filled with perfect little nooks.  I loved the red lounge in front of the paneled mirrors by the ground floor elevator.  It was a small space, but we made it work.

Their marble stair case was lovely as well.  The blue drapes fit in beautifully with Joanna and Jordan's wedding colors.

Thanks to the help of a really awesome doorman, we were able to go up into on of the club rooms on the upper levels of the hotel.  The view of the city lights was beautiful!

Congratulations to Jordan and Joanna!  Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your beautiful wedding day.

Also, a huge thank you to my wonderful second shooter, my loving husband, Josh!

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