Monday, March 28, 2016

Al + Jill {Engaged}

In the beginning of March, I met with Al and Jill at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines.  Really, does it get more fun than a zoo engagement session?  I had such a great time working with them both at this great location.  I'm excited to go back and photograph their wedding at the zoo this June!

It's not often in Iowa you have the chance to photograph portraits with palm trees in the background.  Such a nice change of pace!

Al and Jill were so relaxed in front of the camera and so easy to work with.  I love their portraits.  They were so natural together.  A perfect fit!

I had such a great time playing with the light in the aquarium/aviary are of the zoo.  We stayed inside due to the cold dreary March weather, but it definitely didn't feel like "inside."  The gorgeous natural light, as well as all the plants and trees made everything feel vibrant and alive.

I think this may be one of my favorite series from and engagement session.  The rope bridge was such a great setting with beautiful lines.  The bright colors in Jill's outfit really set her apart from the bold greens in the background.  Then of course, the best part of the photo, Jill and Al happily snuggling together.  Perfect!

I love getting the chance to get to know each couple I work with better.  The same was definitely true for Jill and Al.  I am excited for their June wedding!

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