Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mason + Bridgette {Wedding: Part 2}

 We loved Mason and Bridgette's late November wedding at the Marriott in Coralville.  It was a beautiful event and the couple was surrounded by so much love, not only for each other but the love their family and guests had for the beautiful couple was wonderful.
After the formal portraits concluded, Mason and Bridgette had a little time to relax as guests arrived and were seated.  The ceremony space was warm and intimate, a gathering of close friends and family beautifully illuminated with the soft, warm glow of candles. 

The moment above is one of my favorite of the day.  The moment when Bridgette's father walked her down the aisle and she looked up at him with a beautiful smile on her face.  It was a big moment, the man she's looked up to and loved her whole life giving her away to the man of her dreams whom she will love for the rest of her life.  Lovely!

Bridgette's father, a Baptist minister, officiated their ceremony.  It was an absolutely beautiful service.


 Mason and Bridgette made their grand entrance to the reception, with their sweet little guy, to great cheers and applause. 

The toasts for the evening, were wonderful; full of laughter, fun stories, heartfelt wishes, and most of all love.

I was so excited to shoot their first dance, not only because I love first dances, but also because I had new lighting to play with.  I recently purchased a few LED video lights to give more beautiful and dramatic lighting to dances without having to use flash.  I love, love, love how the lighting turned out.  

Beyond the lighting, and far more beautiful than any lighting, was the interactions between Mason and Bridgette during their first dance.  These two are madly in love with each other, seriously there is nothing better in all the world.  My absolute favorite this to photograph, love.

As they danced, their little guy ran up to join them.  How sweet is he?!  My heart is melting.  Adorable!

After the first few dances, the dance floor was rocking.  Such a great crowd, full of energy and some great dance moves!

As the dance floor was filled, I took a few moments to capture Mason and Bridgette's rings on a window ledge outside of the ballroom where the reception was being held.  I love the light spilling in from the parking lot outside behind the rings. 

Before we left for the evening, we stole outside for a few final photos.  Out on the terrace area of the Marriott, lit by the video lights, we got some gorgeous shots of Mason and Bridgette.  So beautiful!

Congratulations again to Mason and Bridgette!  Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your stunning wedding day!!

Also, a big thank you to my assistant, Michael Weber, for all your help in capturing this beautiful wedding day!

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