Monday, February 22, 2016


Recently, little Miss Adria came in for her Birthday Club session.  Along with her, she brought her doll, Meredith.  So adorable!

It took Adria a little while to open up and find her smile, but thanks to the help of her awesome big brother and a little music from "Frozen" soon she was all giggles.

I recently got a new silver sequinned backdrop in the studio and Adria got to be the first to have her portrait taken in front of it.  I love how the images turned out!

Just for fun, I had Adria look at Meredith.  Then I told her to touch their noses together, after a silly smirk she burst out in more giggles.  Adorable!!

To end the session, we got a few portraits of Adria by herself.  So sweet!  Happy birthday, Adria!

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