Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stuart + Marybeth {Engaged}

 Earlier this month, I met up with Stuart and Marybeth for their engagement session at the Lake MacBride spillway area.  It was a perfect evening for portraits, albeit a bit warm.  Golden evening sun, a gorgeous couple, and a beautiful location; it really doesn't get any better.

I love their choice of outfits.  The soft salmon and light teal colors are beautiful together.  As a side business, Stuart runs a cotton candy stand.  Not sure if that came into play in picking their outfits, but I do find it a fun nod to that if it did. 

We started out under the oak tree by the parking area.  I love oak trees, well trees in general, but especially oaks.  They have so many beautiful textures and lines.  Love it!  Stuart and Marybeth brought along their golden lab, Sunshine for the session.  Sunshine was so happy to run and explore in between her moments as a model.  She is such a beautiful and well behaved dog.  It was a lot of fun having her as part of the session.

We headed down to the spillway, which was surprisingly completely dry, a first for me.  Even dry, it made for a great location.  The rocks and grasses were beautiful.  There was a fallen log in the spillway.  It was the perfect setup, the beautiful lake and trees in the background, golden light streaming in from behind, while Stuart and Marybeth snuggled in on the log.  One of my favorite images from this session!


When we had finished at the spillway, we headed out of the warm sun and into the shade of the trees.  I love back-lit trees in the evening, the soft golden glow they have is just magical in my opinion.  I love the images of them snuggling and interacting with the trees in the background.

We ended our session on the bench swing that overlooks the lake.  My favorite portrait is the one of Stuart kissing Marybeth on the forehead while they're sitting on the swing.  Love it.  It was the last frame I captured during their session and an absolutely perfect way to end the evening.

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