Friday, September 4, 2015

What to Wear {Engagement Portraits}

A question we are often asked is, "What should we wear for engagement portraits?"  We recommend timeless, classic looks that will last through the years.  Wearing clothes that are too trendy often means the photos will look outdated in a matter of months or years.  If you choose classic items, the photos will continue to look great and up-to-date for years to come.  For a classic look, choose a soft color palette with a couple of bright colors that are repeated in accessories throughout the portraits.  However, if you wish to use trendy, modern clothing, that is completely up to you. Either way, you can make a beautiful portrait!

As you plan your portrait session, remember to think about where and how pictures will be displayed.  If you are planning on displaying photos on your living room wall, tie the colors and setup of your photos to the color scheme of the room.  Portraits that will be used for invitations or announcements keep the smaller display size in mind.  More subtle details may get lost, so use bold accessories that will show up in a smaller image.

Accessories are often just what a photo needs to take it from ordinary to extraordinary.  Don't limit yourself to jewelry when you think about accessories for your portraits.  There are plenty of accessories to choose from for both sexes and all ages: jackets, jewelry, hats, hair accessories, scarves, ties, and more.  If you have jewelry or accessories they wear all the time, make sure they fit in with the look of the portrait before wearing them during your session.  Watches, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories may need to be removed or changed for your portrait session.

Nothing draws the eye through a portrait like differences.  Two easy ways to add fun differences to a portrait are layers and textures. Layers offer different aspects to portraits in a variety ways.  You can put on and take off layers for new looks in each portrait.  Layers also add a nice bit of color variation.  Different fabrics and accessories give texture to a portrait.  Look for pieces of clothing with embroidered details, lace accents, ribbons, ruffles, and other fun textures.  These types of textures show up well in black and white, as well as color.  They also give a pop of personality to your portraits.

Patterns are like bright colors and accessories in portraits.  They are great when used with a light hand.  One person wearing a patterned top or dress can make a portrait more visually interesting.  To avoid overwhelming a photo, have one person in the portrait wear a bold pattern.  The other can have small bursts of patterns and colors to draw the eye through the portrait.

Everything that is worn or used in a photo shoot affects the look and feel of each photo.  This includes shoes.  Don't let footwear be something you overlook as you plan.  A pair of shoes that doesn't fit in, it can detract from the portrait. Choosing a pair of shoes that fit in with the color scheme is a perfect way to make a portrait look great and add a burst of color.  Shoes, when matched with the other accessories in the portrait, can tie an image together.  Stay away from white socks and sneakers. Neither bring anything to an image.  In truth, both can detract from the overall look of an image.

As you plan your wardrobe for your session, keep the location in mind.  You want the clothing choices and setting to complement each other, not clash.  You also want to make sure the colors and patterns you choose fit well in the environment you have selected.  If your clothing is the same color as the background, you may blend in.  It may be easier to first choose the location for the session, then plan outfits with your location in mind.  If you have selected an area with lots of patterns and visually distracting elements, bright, solid colors may be just what your family need to stand out.

Avoid outfits where you are wearing the same color or pattern.  This makes a photo look dull and outdated, not to mention taking away from your unique personalities.  Choose a color palette and each have your own take on it.  This will create an image that is coordinated and classy without being overdone.

Don't choose clothing that has large pictures, labels, logos, or words on it.  This often looks too casual for a portrait session and detracts from the overall feel of an image.  People who look at the portraits will notice the logo on your shirt before they notice your beaming smile.  Logos and graphics on clothing can work in some cases.  In general, however, try to stick with a classic look.

Portraits look more natural if you let a fresh haircut grow out a week or two before your portrait
session.  If you color your hair be sure to get a root touch up a few days prior to the session.

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