Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Andy + Sarah {Wedding: Part 2}

After the first look, we headed to Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines for formal portraits and Andy and Sarah's wedding ceremony.  Our first stop in the zoo was the giraffe enclosure for the afternoon giraffe feeding.  The bridal party was given their own private deck from which to feed the giraffe.
I have to say a big thank you to Sarah and Andy for giving my assistant, Shuva, and myself the opportunity to feed the giraffe as well.  So much fun!

After the giraffe feeding, we headed around the zoo for more portraits with Sarah and Andy, as well as their bridal party.  It was a warm, sunny day and the zoo was busy, but I think we got some great shots!

We finished the formal portraits in the shelter where their ceremony was about to be held.  I love the decorations they chose.  The white arbor was draped in white chiffon, decorated with their initials and succulents, and was simply beautiful.

Sarah's bouquet was stunning, with hydrangeas, succulents, Gerber daisies, and a variety of other beautiful flowers.  Love it!

Sarah and Andy's wedding was officiated by Andy's grandmother.  So beautiful!

After the ceremony, we had a few moments to head into the aquarium area of the zoo.  The zoo had closed shortly before the ceremony began, so we had the area to ourselves.  It was dark in the aquarium area, but the tanks made a beautiful background.

Check back again soon for more from Andy and Sarah's Des Moines wedding!

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