Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lucy {Newborn: Part 2}

Lucy was such a cooperative little one.  I adore the portraits of her curled up sweetly in the basket on the rustic wood floor.  She looks so peaceful and beautiful.

Lucy's mom brought in the pearls she wore at her wedding to use in Lucy's session.  They were the perfect prop and look so lovely on her in the basket.  I love when parents bring in such meaningful props to sessions.  It adds so much to the portraits.

Lucy did such a great job holding her parents' rings.  Often, we set the rings on newborn toes, but Lucy was so peaceful, I was able to have her hold her hands in a heart shape with her parents' rings at the center.  Perfect!!

We ended the session with Lucy on a gorgeous quilt that had been hand stitched by her father's grandmother.  The violet designs were so delicate and beautiful.  To add to the beauty of the setup, sweet little Lucy gave me some big smiles.  Simply adorable!

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