Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Skylar {Cake Smash!}

To celebrate a baby's first birthday, often parents will schedule a cake smash session.  While it is a very messy session, it is so fun to see them smashing and playing with their birthday cake. 
Many babies that have come into the studio in the past, have been hesitant to smash the cake.  Skylar, on the other hand, was very happy to smash hers once she figured out Mom and Dad weren't going to tell her to stop.

She started out timidly touching the frosting and squishing it in her hands.  Once Dad had her lick some off of her fingers, she was ready to dive right in!

Pink frosting was everywhere by the end of the cake smash.  Truly the sign of a great cake smash session. 
Skylar loved the frosting!  I'm not sure how much cake made it to her mouth, but she was so happy licking the frosting off her fingers I don't think she even noticed.

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