Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kenny & Erin {Wedding: Part 2}

After the wedding and the grand exit from the church, Kenny and Erin headed to the park again for some portraits of just the two of them.  I was in heaven!  Not only did I get to go back the beautiful park, but I got a lot of time to work with just the two of them.

Bridal parties are fun to work with and family formal portraits are a must at any wedding, but my favorite moments are the ones where I'm just working with the bride and groom, watching them interact and capturing their love for each other.  Beautiful!



I loved the park for it's fun elements, like the awesome merry-go-round we used for the portrait at the top and the portrait I shared as their sneak peek, but I also loved it for this bridge.  There was something so beautiful about the sun dappled trees in the back and the rusty patina on the bridge.  Love it!


There were vintage notes throughout the day, from the lace of Erin's dress to the soft pinks in her wedding party and the reception setting.  Their reception was held in Music Man Square in Mason City.  I'd never had the pleasure of visiting there before, but loved photographing there.   There was plenty of gorgeous natural light in the main street area and it was staged beautifully with street lamps, a vintage car, and more.

I loved Kenny's pick for their first dance song.  He chose "My Best Friend" by Queen.  Not your traditional first dance song, but it suited Kenny and Erin beautifully.  You could see the happiness and love on their faces as they danced.  After many, many years together, they finally married their best friend. 

Congratulations again, Kenny & Erin!  Also, thank you to Greg Frieden for assisting me in capturing this beautiful day!

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