Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RIP Monitor...

Last week, my monitor had technical issues that ended in it being retired.  I'm a sentimental person, so it was sad to see it go.  I've spent so much time in front of it over the past six years I've had it, I almost feel as though we've bonded.  Another big problem with the timing of it's demise is that wedding season is in full swing and my editing ended up being queued until my new monitor arrived. 
My new monitor is lovely!  I upgraded to a 27" LED HD screen.  It is huge!  So excited to have it!  It took a few days for the new monitor to arrive and another couple of days to receive my test prints to be sure my color calibration was correct, which means I'm behind on getting my last couple of weddings edited and ready to deliver. 

I'm a little OCD and hate feeling behind, so I'm working late this week to try and get all caught up.  I cannot wait to share the recent weddings, so be sure to check back again soon!

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