Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finding Balance This Summer

Summertime in the Geno house is always a busy time.  I am trying my best this summer to balance the demands of wedding season, while still giving 110%, and taking time to create memories with my family.  I love my job and am so very, very thankful that it has allowed me to work from my home studio and be with my children as they grow.  It is not always the easiest balance to maintain, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

This summer has been filled with beautiful weddings, great portrait sessions, meetings and more.  It has been such a pleasure working with so many wonderful clients.  For my family, this summer has been an adventure.  We took a trip to Lincoln to visit family and go to the Omaha Zoo.  The trip home ended up being far more eventful than we planned, with our car dying, but even in the midst of such a bad situation we managed to make some fun memories.  We have traveled to Minnesota to celebrate with family, gone out on the lake, spent time hiking in Decorah, taken trips to the Children's Museum, played yard games, had bonfires, and much more. 

While at times, I have a hard time stepping away from work.  I really am a workaholic and love what I do.  I always feel like there's a little more I can accomplish, a little further I can push myself.  In past summers, I have not done well at balancing my home and work life.  In the past, I have allowed work to consume so much of my time that I missed opportunities with my children.  This summer, I'm finally starting to learn how to set reasonable expectations for myself at work and allow myself to relax when I'm with my family.

As my youngest gets closer to beginning kindergarten (8 days until school starts!) and being at school all day during the week, it has really dawned on me just how precious these moments are.  I don't want my children to look back and remember their mom stuck in front of a computer screen telling them "in a minute."  I want to create fun memories that they will look back on fondly for the rest of their lives.  Honestly, this is the first time in many years I have felt that I've found some balance between my studio and my family.  It is wonderful!

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