Friday, June 13, 2014

Newborn Potraits {What to Expect}

The birth of a child is a wonderful and important event in your life.  Whether it is your first baby or your fourth, each baby is special and precious.  Babies grow so quickly, right before our eyes.  While in the fog of sleepless nights and getting into the routine of having a new baby in the house, it may seem like time is standing still, but your little, tiny one is growing by leaps and bounds each day.  It is so special to capture newborn portraits.  Newborn portraits are the perfect reminder of how little they once were and capture the love shared in your new family.

I recommend scheduling your newborn's session within the first seven to ten days after they are born.  During this time they are very sleepy and more easily posed for portraits.  After the two week mark, they are generally more alert and less flexible for posing.  As a newborn's eye have a limited range of focus, portraits of them sweetly sleeping are ideal.

 Sessions last anywhere between two to four hours.  Do not fret if your session is on the long side.  I totally understand that baby is boss.  We expect to have breaks for feedings, diaper changes, and soothing.  We want to keep baby happy and sleepy during the session.  Most families have chosen to have me photograph their newborn in their home, but the studio is always an option if you do not wish to have me come to your home. 

 During the session, I try to use primarily natural lighting, as flashes often will startle baby and prevent them from relaxing.  I also bring a space heater or encourage families to warm up the room where baby will be photographed.  Often, babies are posed in wraps, diaper covers, or even nude, we want to be sure baby stays warm and comfy during the session. 

As for props during the session, I have a variety of props on hand in the studio and they can be brought with to in home sessions.  I have wraps, crocheted hats and diaper covers, flowers, bows, lace headbands, booties, as well as a variety of baskets and blankets for baby's portraits.  I always encourage families to bring along any special items they want included in their newborn's portraits.

As beautiful as it is to capture portraits of your tiny little one curled up in a basket or sleeping peacefully on a soft blanket, it is also important to capture moment of you interacting as a family.  Nothing shows just how tiny your baby is like an image of you holding them in your arms.  I think the best portraits of new families are not the ones where they are smiling at the camera, but instead are the ones where they are looking at and interacting with their new baby.  The smiles shine so much brighter when they are focused on their little one.  It is beautiful.

During the session, I work hard to capture baby in a variety of poses.  I, however, cannot guarantee any specific pose will be achieved.   I listen to baby.  Some babies do not feel comfortable on their tummies, some do not relax into poses where their head is resting on their hand, I feel it is important to listen to what babies are telling me and keep them comfortable.  I will surely do my best to capture any pose you request, but at the end of the day baby is boss.


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