Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brandon & Emily {Engaged}

Recently, I met with Brandon and Emily for their engagement session at Palisades Keppler Park.  Palisades is a gorgeous location and thankfully the stormy weather cleared in time for our session.  The overcast skies created a soft, even light that really allowed for a lot of flexibility in photographing there.  Brandon and Emily were so enjoyable to work with.  They had great senses of humor and seemed very relaxed during their session.  They even brought their adorable little dog along to the session.

On of the most important keys to a great session is to relax.  If you are tense or nervous, it really shows in the final images.  This is another great reason to have an engagement session with your wedding photographer.  Many people will say they don't need an engagement session since they have a friend who will take their portraits for them.  I, like many professional photographers, feel it is such a great way to for me to get to know my clients better and help them to be more relaxed in front of my camera on their wedding day. 

Back to our recent session, I loved everything about the location Brandon and Emily had chosen: the tall grasses, the river, the beach, and most especially the large, fallen driftwood tree.  It was just so simple and beautiful.  I had a lot of fun posing Brandon and Emily around it. 


I'm looking forward to September, when I'll be heading to Dubuque to capture Brandon and Emily's wedding!

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