Friday, January 29, 2016

Mason + Bridgette {Wedding: Part 1}

On the last Saturday in November, I headed to the Coralville Marriott to capture Mason and Bridgette's beautiful wedding day.  When I arrived, my assistant and I headed up to where the bridal party were getting ready for the day to capturing the moments as they put on their finishing touches.

Once they were ready, we got Mason and Bridgette in place for their first look.  I love the stairs in the Marriott.  There was no place better for their first look.  Mason slowly came up the steps from the lobby as Bridgette gracefully came down from the first floor.  The smiles on their faces as they first glimpsed one another, priceless.  Such a beautiful moment!

Following the first look, we has some time with Mason and Bridgette for their portraits together.  I love the natural light in the Marriott.  It is so flattering and beautiful.  The reds and golds in the decor played well with their navy, red, and ivory color theme.  It was so much fun having time with just the two of them.  I love the moments I get to spend working with each couple.  Moments away from the hustle and events of the wedding day, when they can just relax be themselves.

 We convinced them to brave the chilly late November air and head outside for a few portraits.  The overcast skies made for some beautiful soft lighting.  Their colors again really popped against the brick of the Marriott.

 I love, love, love Bridgette's bouquet.  The textures and tones created by the succulents and florals are stunning.  So beautiful!

Once we finished outside, we gave Mason and Bridgette some time to warm back up as we gathered the family and bridal party.  The family portraits were taken on the staircase.  Once we were finished with the family on the staircase, we headed over towards the ballrooms for the bridal party portraits.

The ring bearer, Mason and Bridgette's handsome one year old son, was not too interested in being part of the portraits.  Even less so, was his cousin, the flower girl.  We managed to get a few shots with them included, but they were definitely happy once they got to go back to grandma and grandpa.

Check back soon for more from Mason and Bridgette's beautiful November wedding!

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