Friday, October 16, 2015

Jay + Cindy {Wedding: Part 1}

We began our day on the grounds of the beautiful Villa Louis in Prarie du Chein, Wisconsin.  Jay patiently awaited Cindy's arrival.  As she walked up the path to meet him for their first look, you could see the excitement on both of their faces.  Such a beautiful moment!

Following our brief time at Villa Louis, we wandered around the scenic St. Feriole Island.  The buildings in the historic area were beautiful and offered a respite from the harsh mid-day sun.  Sunshine is wonderful on a wedding day, but it can be tricky for portraits.  Mid-day sun can create harsh shadows and cause people to squint in their portraits.  Thankfully, we were able to find some beautiful shade among the historic buildings on the island.

After some time with just Jay and Cindy, we headed to the Lawler Shelter where their ceremony was to be held to meet the bridal party and family for their portraits. 

Check back soon for more from Jay and Cindy's beautiful Wisconsin wedding!

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