Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dane & Tristan {Wedding: Part 2}

After Tristan arrived at St. Mary's in Oxford, her bridesmaids headed into the church to let us know they had arrived.  Tristan waited in the limo, ready for her first look with Dane.  We brought Dane out to the front of the church (beautiful lighting and location!), where he awaited his bride. 

Their smiles say it all.  They were so excited and happy to see each other and so thrilled their wedding day had finally arrived.  I love first looks.  I truly do.  The moments and interactions that happen during a first look are so special and something seeing each other for the first time during the ceremony, in front of hundreds of friends and family, does not allow.  It really is so beautiful!

After their first look, we began the formal portraits in the the church with the couple, bridal party, and family. 

Between formal portraits and the ceremony's start, I headed over to the attached parsonage where Dane and Tristan awaited the big event.  In a small room, we took a moment to capture some beautiful portraits with Tristan's veil, which she had not worn for formal portraits.  The light in the room was soft and beautiful.  I love the portraits under her veil! 

The ceremony was beautiful, and the flower girls and ring bearers were absolutely adorable.  All of Tristan and Dane's nieces and nephews took part in the ceremony.  The youngest was brought down the aisle in a wagon.  It was so cute!  Most of them made it down right away, a few lagged behind searching for mom.  Thankfully, their moms were in the bridal party and beckoned them down the aisle. 

Their ceremony was a beautiful full Catholic mass.  I loved photographing in St. Mary's.  It has been several years since I'd been there.  The church design allows for me to move around without being intrusive and duck into a side room that offers a great view of the alter.  I love being able to get great angles without being a disruption to the ceremony.  My philosophy is: all eyes should be on the couple, not on me.  I want to bring as little attention to myself as possible.

I loved their bubble exit!!  So many bubbles!  It was perfect.  So often people get distracted and forget to blow bubbles during the church exit, but Tristan and Dane's guests were great.  Love it!

Check back again soon for the last part of Tristan and Dane's beautiful wedding!

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