Monday, April 6, 2015

Florida {Part 2}

 The beach!  Ah, beautiful St. Augustine, we meet again.  It was a brief trip to the beach due to the wind and chill (by chill I mean it was in the 60s, brrr! Lol!).  Though truthfully, after the 80s we'd been enjoying while walking around Orlando's amusement parks, 60s seemed like freezing temps.  We decided to skip putting swimsuits on the girls since it was chilly and windy.  We figured they'd just get their feet a little wet and be content.  Ha!  We should have known better. 

I brought my big camera to the beach for some photos.  I relied on my cell phone while in the parks.  The big camera is just too heavy to carry around while trying to keep up with the girls in an amusement park and there was not a chance I was going to stash it anywhere while I was on the rides.  So please forgive my previous post's cell phone pics.

 They kept trying to "jump" the waves.  This, however, lead to falling and getting soaked several times.  They had so much fun though!

Before we left, I figured Josh and I should get a pic together on the beach.  I entrusted Laurelin to snap the shot.  She did well.  I look a mess with my tangled, wind-blown hair and total lack of make-up, but I'm glad we got a pic together while we were there. 

Now, vacation is over and it's back to reality.  So excited for weddings season to kick off this coming weekend!  Check back again soon for more weddings and sessions!

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