Friday, January 23, 2015

Finding the Right Wedding Day Transportation {Guest Post by Limo Bus Cedar Rapids}

As a Limo and Bus service it's important to have staff that are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about people having fun. Be sure that the company that you're looking to book with actually owns their vehicles.  You're probably wondering how you'll go about this, and it's easier than you might think.  When you're calling around for quotes, ask companies if they show their vehicles.  If they don't, this should be a major red flag.  When companies don't own their vehicles, they give service to the highest bidder and leave everybody else in the dust without their deposit in hand.
When you're seeking transportation, you want to see what it is you're going to get, and sometimes Photoshop is more in the favor of the transportation company than yours!  Another reason why you want to ask to view vehicles is to ensure it is up to your standards when it is seen with a naked eye.  It could make a world of a difference!

Finally, one of the most important parts about choosing your wedding transportation is to ensure that you've looked over the entire contract carefully.  These are legal terms, and they're not to be taken lightly!  Be sure you understand what you're responsible for, what you'll be charged if something breaks, as well as what is included in your total price.  If you aren't careful, they may pull up with demands of money for the tip, fuel, or mileage.

Guest Post by
Limo Bus Cedar Rapids