Friday, January 16, 2015

A New Look

It has been several weeks in the making, but finally my new website is live!  I'm so excited to have it done.  I've also given the blog and proofing galleries a facelift as well.  I love the new colors: white and gray with pops of teal and yellow.  I feel the new look is very clean, simple and classic.  My previous design was a little busier visually, and while I still like it, I felt it was time for a new approach.  While each facet of my studio (weddings, seniors, and families) each have still their own site, the look is more unified.

Since the beginning of my studio, circa 2002, I've been doing my own webdesign.  I'm no html expert, but I think I do pretty well.  Everything is designed from scratch and I really enjoy doing it.  I'm kind of surprised with myself, it's been two years since my last re-design.  Usually, once January rolls around I get the urge to update everything.

In addition to the website, blog, and galleries, I've also been working on our client information guides.  I'm currently in the process of proofing our new Wedding Welcome Book, Senior Portrait Guide, Newborn Session Guide, and Family Portrait Guide.  They are turning out beautifully and are filled with information on what to expect, what to wear, and much more!

We've also launched a new "Watch Me Grow Collection."  Check out the site to learn more! 

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