Friday, May 23, 2014

Around the Studio This Week

I missed my morning blog post, but I haven't forgotten to share with you what's been happening around the studio this week.  This week has a been a little slower around the studio in terms of sessions.  I took off a few days to spend time with family, as my husband just returned home from the Dominican Republic (still a little jealous he got to go in the first place! j/k....maybe not ;) ).  Then today I volunteered at my oldest daughter's school as they took their "trip to Australia."  We were given the opportunity to go to Australia years ago and loved our trip there! It was really fun to talk about the adventures we went on during our short time in Perth.  So, yeah.  Studio remodeling has been at a bit of a standstill this week, but hopefully next week we'll be able to tackle some of these final few projects!  I can't wait!!

In the midst of family time this week, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a sweet little six day old baby girl.  I cannot wait to share her portraits with you!  Tomorrow will kick off wedding season with Dan & Dazi's nuptials at the Old Capital in Iowa City.  I have photographed around the outside of the Old Capital numerous times, but never inside of it as professional photography is prohibited.  I'm SO looking forward to a chance to photograph inside it tomorrow!  Love, love, love fun new locations.  It should be so much fun.

Be sure to check back next week to see more pictures!  Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!!

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