Friday, May 2, 2014

Finding the Right Videographer {Guest Post by NEPO Productions}

When it comes to Weddings, "The Big Day", Photography and Cinematography are two totally separate art forms and industries. One does NOT negate the other. What the photography leaves you wanting is the sound and the motion of the moment. For example, applause as the groom kisses the
bride, the sound of the Father of the Bride choking up as he gives his speech, or hearing the vows that you spent so much time writing and choosing. There are countless other examples.  Don't rely on your Videographer to shoot still pictures, and don't rely on your Photographer to shoot video.  Each of them have their own expertise and each should be a part of your big day.  We as Wedding Filmmakers are not here to eliminate the idea of a Wedding Photographer, we are here to join them in the purpose of preserving your day, which in essence, will be something you, your kids, and extended family will want to see for years to come.

When you're choosing a Videographer or Wedding Filmmaker, find out what you get on the final DVDs.  Is it a short film, a Highlight Trailer, the entire day in chronological order, etc.  Find out what their intentions are on telling your story, i.e., how they shoot, how they edit, etc.  Make sure they acquire good audio, and how they do it.  This is done with digital recorders and wireless microphones.  Great Audio is 65 percent of a great Wedding Film.  On that note, your wedding film is also dependent somewhat upon your choices for colors, venue, lighting, etc.  It is up to you as a bride to create a good aesthetic.  Whatever looks good in real life will look a lot better on video.

I believe Wedding Filmmaking is the art of telling the story of one of the biggest days in your life.  The day moves like a whirlwind and you miss a lot of moments.  We capture those moments with several cameras and a few microphones and digital recorders to save it forever.

It really comes down to seeing all of the hard work of the bride, the mother of the bride, and family and friends on the big screen. As Wedding Filmmakers, we at Nepo Productions will capture Moments, Moments that matter, Moments that move you. The video will NOT be a 90 minute
close up of just the couple. It will be a truly heartfelt experience that will bring you joy and strengthen your relationship by remembering where you started.

Just as choosing any vendor, you are hoping that the investment you give them is going to pay off in the end for you and your expectations for the day.  Wedding Films are not just a trend.  They are truly
documentation of an expression of love that deserves to be preserved.

Good Luck on your Wedding Planning.

by Steve Oliver
Nepo Productions
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