Friday, March 14, 2014

Finding the Right DJ {Guest Post by Unique Events}

In our field, like many others, we have a generic title, "DJ". The differences in what makes a bad DJ bad and a great DJ great are many! Some differences have to do with communication, execution or experience. Some have to do with preparation, training, and most importantly passion! When you get a DJ that is passionate not only about what they do for their client (DJ), but passionate about the actual client, it is a completely different experience!

Passion about what we do, as well as passion for the client, is what makes a great DJ want to do well at the other items listed. They care about the client and the clients experience that day so that makes us prepare well, drives us to train in our off time to get better, encourages us to do things that are not expected of us because we know it will make out client smile of take a little bit to stress off their shoulders at that moment. 
Within our industry, (again, like many others) any DJ can show up and play music for someone. It's not rocket science. But a great DJ does a lot more than that. We coordinate certain things instead of letting a night drag on,  accommodate music preferences from a couple, play music that will work for this crowd as opposed to just playing music we personally like, handle stressful guests and situations with a smile on our face, grab a drink for the couple as they finish their dinner... The list goes on and on, but really the reason a DJ that is considered a great DJ got that way is because they have passion.

 Guest post by Travis Newell
Unique Events

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