Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Hansen Family

 Recently, I headed to downtown Wellman to photograph the Hansen family.  It was a chilly day, but they were brave enough to  venture out in the cold and wind for their portraits.  I'm glad they did, because I think the images turned out great.  They were great to work with. 

Often, I'll ask people to laugh on the count of three to switch things up and make things a little more relaxed during a session.  Generally, the initial laugh on the count of three is a little forced and awkward, then the laughing at their awkward laugh on command leads to some great, natural smiles.  However, the Hansen family are pros at laughing on command.  Their laughs may be been a bit forced, but they have the best fake laughs ever!  Seriously, loved it!!

They decided to wear white shirts and jeans for the session, which can sometimes cause people to blend together, but their choice to wear different styles and textures helped to set them apart and add interest to the images.  Often, people choose a color theme and focus so much on matching that it doesn't lend itself well to portraits, as people tend to blend together, becoming one solid mass of color, and the images loses some visual interest.  By adding subtle variations within your color theme, such as a scarf for added texture or a pop of an accent color or wearing different textured shirts, it helps to add individual character and move your eye throughout the image.


 It was so much fun working with the Hansen family.  A big thank you to them for braving the cold and having so much fun with their session! 

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