Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Life of a Photographer's Child {Just For Fun}

The saying is that the "cobbler's children have no shoes," and I've often heard it said that photographer's children have no portraits.  This is definitely not the case in my family.  My children have been in front of the lens since day one.  I think of anyone in the world, a photographer should understand the importance of capturing their children.  I have, at times, had to bribe my children to go along with my crazy photo plans.  I am thankful that they put up with me and my camera.  :)  I love being able to look back through the photos and see how much they have changed, even if they're just candid moments at the park.  My kids look at me like I'm a little crazy when I get all sappy over a picture of them, but I'm sure one day they'll appreciate having the memories immortalized in images.

One night, after a day of writing blogs and office work, I joked with my kids that they should be guest writers on my blog.  Of course, they both looked at me like I was crazy and my youngest asked, "What's a blog?"  Then, I decided to do a short interview with them about what they thought about portraits and having their portraits taken:

Why should you have your portraits taken?
G - So you can be pretty and have fun.
L - For memories and to have fun.
I'm taking this as a total win.  They still think portraits are fun!  I may or may not have been tempted to do a happy dance when they answered this.

What do you do to prepare for your portraits?
G - Dress up like your mom tells you and go where you need to go for photos. 
L - Get on the clothes that Mom says to wear and smile.
These answers made me laugh.  I'd never really thought about how much dressing my kids up in coordinating outfits for pictures would be such a big part for them, it just seemed part of the whole process in my head.  Apparently that's something that stands out to them.  I have to say though, the days of me picking out their clothes are coming to an end.  My girls are each a bit of a fashionista in their own sense and it seems more and more common that "Mom's Picks" just aren't the fashion trend their going for.  The teenage years are going to be interesting in our household... 

What is your favorite thing about having your portraits taken?
G - That you get to dress up.
L - Having fun and dressing up.
Did I mention they each have a fashionista streak?  Most days getting dressed in the morning is an exciting event in and of itself, so having an opportunity to "dress up" is always fun for them.

What kind of portraits would you want of yourself?
G - "Frozen" and "Doc McStuffins" and funny faces
L - Family and friends and pets
I'm rather doubting that my children will ever volunteer themselves for portraits, but I'm so thankful that they haven't taken to running away screaming when they see the camera.   I'm even more thankful to have their portraits to look back on and I hope one day they will treasure these images as well.

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