Friday, February 7, 2014

Finding the Right Wedding Photographer for You {Part 1: Photographic Style}

Now, it may seem obvious that you should check out a photographer's work before contacting them to photograph your wedding day.  This is so essential.  There are many wonderful photographers in the market with a wide variety of photographic styles.  It is important you select the photographer who's style fits your vision of your wedding day.

Do your research: look at the images on their website, check out their blog, email them to see if you can view an entire wedding they have photographed.  Really look at the photos.  Try to move past the thought of "that's a pretty image" and think about why you love their images.  Do you love how they can capture the moment so you feel the emotion?  Do the colors appeal to you?  Do you love the mood of the black and white?  Are the image tones light and airy?  Are they vibrant and bold?  Do you like how the subjects are framed in the image?  These are all important things to consider when choosing a photographer whose vision reflects your own vision for your wedding day.

Often times, photographers speak about their "photojournalistic" style.  But what does that really mean?  Photojournalistic is the popular term for capturing un-posed candid moments during the day.  While this is an essential part of capturing the emotion of the wedding day, be sure to contemplate all aspects of your wedding you want captured: look at the formal, posed portraits they take.  While the majority of your day is about moments and interactions, it is also important to have amazing images of your family, bridal party, and most importantly of you and the love of your life.

Make a list of 10 words that you want your photos to be.  Perhaps you want them to be: natural, candid, soft, bold, artistic, traditional, or fun.  This can be an great place to begin your journey towards finding out what photographic stye appeals to you. 

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