Friday, January 24, 2014

Garrett {2 Years Old}

Garrett came into the studio in December for his two year old session.  He was a little shy at first, but as the session went on and he started playing with the alphabet block we have in the studio he warmed up to the session.  I adore his sweet little smile.  He and his big brother, Tanner, had a lot of fun building (and destroying) block towers.  The photos of them playing together are so much fun.

We were also able to get some great shots of him interacting with his mom and dad.  The picture of him sitting on his dad's lap as they read a story together is such a precious moment.  As well as, the moments where he is being snuggled in his mommy's arms.  It's these simple, everyday moments that tell our stories as families, they are truly such special moments to have captured to display in our home.



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