Saturday, November 24, 2012

Greg & Tammy

At the very end of October, I met up with Greg from Greg Frieden Photography to photograph some couples' portraits of him and his girlfriend, Tammy.  Finally, after many years of wanting to find the Chemistry building and use it for portraits, I was able to.  Love it!!  What better spot for couples' portraits than right below a sign announcing their "chemistry"! 

The area that surrounded the Chemistry building was full of amazing architecture and great locations for portraits.  After we walked that area pretty well, we headed over to the ped mall, a fave spot of mine.  Greg managed to talk Tammy into shimmying into a narrow gap between two of the buildings with him.  I have to say, despite how tricky it was to wiggle into there for them, it made for some awesome shots.

Towards the end of our session, we found a spot where the sunlight was pouring onto a metal wire staircase along the side of a building.  While the staircase was far to bright to be a good location, the shadows cast by it were simply gorgeous.  The black and white with the shadowed lines going across is so fun and different.  I'm glad we were there when we were.  I headed back that way later the same day, but alas the sun had changed and the shadows were gone.


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