Monday, November 19, 2012

Elle-Mirai {Vendor Spotlight}

 If you've followed my blog, then you already know how much I love the products from Elle-Mirai.  Seriously, their crocheted products are perhaps some of the softest things I've touched and are made brilliantly.  My girls love their Elle-Mirai hats.

Elle-Mirai's clips have a feature I adore and haven't found in any other clips I've come across.  They have a super thin gripping strip that helps keep them where I place them in my daughters' hair but they do not pull.  It is ideal!  Before I started using Elle-Mirai clips, I had horrible problems keeping clips in my youngest's super fine hair.  Now, the clips stay in splendidly. 

Elle-Mirai definitely has a large line of beautiful and amazing hair clips, but they have not forgotten about the handsome little men in your life.  The sell super adorable little ties and bow ties, in addition to hats.  I have to say, a little boy with a bow tie melts my heart.

If you're shopping for a baby gift for a friend (or yourself), they have a line of diaper covers, hats, and booties that would be perfect.  I wish I had known about them when my girls were little.  Elle-Mirai's Mary Jane style booties almost make me want to have another just so I can dress her up in them.


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