Monday, December 14, 2015

The Valentine Family

On a chilly, but clear evening in early November, I headed to Skriver Stables in Iowa City to photograph the Valentine family.  I love family portraits, but this session was extra special.  They included their dog and two horses.  So fun!

I've been told many times working with animals is tricky.  To be honest, there have been many sessions I've had where I found that to be true, but the horses and dog were great.  The horses were so attentive and very cooperative.  I think the portraits turned out beautifully.

The sunset was perfect.  I love the image of them walking toward it.  Perfection!

Before the sun went fully down, we led the horses back to the barn and captured portraits of the human portion of the Valentine family.  I loved the gravel drive that led into Skriver Stables.  The warm glow from the sunset behind them and the trees lining the lane was beautiful.

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  1. Wow! As I see. you had spend a good time with horses. I guess this is an unforgettable experience. I also like the photos that you took.