Friday, October 31, 2014

Cooper {Senior}

At the beginning of October, I met up with Cooper for her senior portrait session.  We began our session at The Shop in Kalona.  Seriously, it was so much fun shooting in there with all it's amazing vintage items and furniture.  The back of the building had a fun teal wall and to the west side of the building was a great alleyway.  It really was an excellent location.  Cooper and I had a blast in there.

Love, love, love all the fun vintage props we found in the The Shop.

After a little time spent around downtown Kalona, we stopped along 22 on our way back to the studio in Wellman to do some portraits in the pompous grass.  I love pompous grass, it is just beautiful.  Cooper was willing to brave the 40 degree, super windy weather and head out in her formal dress.  I LOVE the portraits we took here!  Her dress blowing in the wind and the sea of pompous grass behind her.  Simply lovely!


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