Friday, April 25, 2014

Remodeling the Studio {A Work In Progress}

So as many of my clients know, the studio has been a state of remodel for a while.  While it's been usable the whole time, it's seen a lot of change.  We have ripped out unsightly carpet and replaced with beautiful laminate flooring.  We've torn down some 80s wood paneling from the walls (yes, ladies and gents, apparently that stuff still exists), dry walled, and painted.  I swear it's the finishing touches that take forever.  Since the bulk of this remodel job is being done by myself and my husband (who kind of just got roped into it because of my irrational fear of power tools, anyone else out there cringe at the thought of using a skill saw??), it's taken longer than I'd ever thought it would. 

While, we're not done yet, I'm excited to be back at it after a break these past few months.  I'm hoping I can continue to find some down time to work on it and get it all wrapped up this summer.  I cannot wait to have everything done finally!!  This evening I spent three hours painting the ceiling, which only got me half way across the studio.  Holy cow, my arm is tired and I still have quite a bit to go!  Hopefully after mini sessions tomorrow, I'll find some time to finish up the other half.  The ceiling trim has been sitting, awaiting installation for far too long.  Once the ceiling is trimmed, I hope to get the new steps installed and the doors hung.  The list of "to-do" projects is growing steadily smaller and it gets me more and more excited to finish things up.

In a few months time (or maybe less if I can manage it), I will post some before and after pictures.  You will be amazed at the transformation that has occurred!

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