Friday, April 4, 2014

A Jack of All Trades {Weddings}

I'm such a hopeless romantic at heart.  I love Love, so weddings are naturally something I adore.  Two people who are fully smitten with each other, surrounded by those who love them, all in a beautiful setting;  there's nothing to not like!  On a wedding day, it is my job to capture not only portraits, but also the moments shared by everyone involved.  These moments vary from the joyful hugs and laughter as the bride and groom celebrate with guests to the quiet, intimate moments when the happy couple takes a moment to whisper "I love you" to each other.  Through the years, I have learned many useful skills that I have used to help many wedding days run smoothly so these important moments can continue to happen.

In addition to all the tips, trick, and knowledge of photographing weddings, I have also gotten quite skilled at pinning boutonnieres, bustling dresses, re-pinning hair, fixing bouquets, and many other odd jobs that often arise on a wedding day.  I want to see every couple I photograph enjoying their day.  If there is anything I can do to help it flow more smoothly, I am there to do so.  My large camera case is stocked with an array of emergency supplies to avert almost any potential disaster that may arise on the wedding day: a sewing kit (which gets used all the time), tissues, lint roller, oil blotting sheets, Brush-Ups, a Tide pen, wet wipes, a pair of black socks (you never know when a groomsman may forget to bring theirs), dress tape, and so many other little things to help in case something unexpected happens.

I have helped remove spots on the bride's dress, put in veils, bustled countless dresses, fixed floral arrangements, and so many other small jobs that helped the day continue on schedule and without incident.  I have even had a bride joke that I should have been a bridesmaid.  I could stand back and say, "it's not my job," which I have seen other photographers do over the course of my career so far, but I am happy to go the extra mile to keep the day on track and stress-free.  If a bride or groom are stressed, those magic moments don't happen on the wedding day; they don't have the glowing smiles or the joyful interactions.  A wedding day can be an overwhelming event, even if it runs completely to plan, if there is anything I can do to help keep my couples happy and relaxed on their day I am there to help. 

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