Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Delta Zeta

In October, I head the pleasure of heading to the University of Iowa's Delta Zeta house to photograph head shot mini sessions for some of the amazing women there.  As these women complete their degrees, they are looking towards entering the professional world.  These head shot mini sessions give them wonderful images to put forth on their business cards, website, Google+, Facebook, and other resources as they launch themselves into their profession and seek employment.  
A good head shot can really help advance their careers.   I think often this is something people overlook and are content with an ok photo of themselves.  You want your head shot to work for you.  It needs to send the message to whomever views it that you are professional, friendly, put together,  and confident.  Whether you are beginning your own business or seeking employment this message is important.  Start your career with strength and confidence.

Thank you to all the Delta Zeta women who joined us for the mini sessions.  Best wishes as you begin your future!

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