Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cecilia {3 Months Old}

 Meet the beautiful Cecilia.  At the end of June I had the pleasure of photographing the adorable little one.  She was amazing, truly a little model in the making.  She did great pushing herself up while on her tummy and had the most adorable little smile.  It was a joy to photograph her. 

I love capturing babies during their first year.  Everyone say it, and it's so true: the first year flies by.  Babies grow SO much during their first year, from being a tiny newborn to sitting up to crawling to walking.  It is truly amazing how quickly they change.  I feel it is so special to capture these moments, for the will never be so little as they are today.  It is truly a blessing to be invited to document such important events in a family's life.

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