Monday, September 3, 2012

Tim & Jessica {Engaged}

On August 13th, I met up with Tim and Jessica at the Iowa City Public Library to begin their engagement session.  Neither are from the are originally but work has brought them to Coralville.  They hadn't spent much time at all in the downtown Iowa City area, so they got a fun tour during photos...well, kind of.  Many of my session in the downtown/Ped Mall area involve a lot of alleyways behind building and most of them are not the cleanest.  But they do make for stunning backdrops.  There is such a variety amongst the walls and many fun stairs to shoot on.  An alleyway I especially love is only about three feet wide and is beside "Which Wich."  In the late afternoon, the sun floods in across the back of the alleyway and makes for some truly stunning light.  Love it!

After giving them the grand tour of the grungy alleys, we walked over to the Old Capital building and the building just to the north of it (not sure the name, but it had some gorgeous tiled stairs).  Then we headed down to the IMU area.  I love love love the metal building to the north of the IMU.  On the street side it has such a gorgeous brown-teal patina.  On the other side there is mirror like steel and some matte finish steel, both of which make for a great background.  I love playing with reflections in the mirror-like steel. 

I have photographed on the IMU bridge many time, but never had I gone under it to take portraits.  I love the image we got of them kissing and the green structure of the bridge above them.  They were a great couple to work with, very relaxed and up for anything.  I am looking forward to their wedding this October in Dubuque!



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